10/28/2021 22:42 | Category: docs

Tags: documentationsoftwarediagrams

drawio for diagram documentation

Using draw.io as visual aide in project planning, execution, and general explanation has been a huge lifesaver the past several months.

I have found that the diagramming is straightforward, I don't have any missing icons or functionality from Visio that I can't find on the site, and it truly is just quick to pick up.


When using the site I tended to just use whatever workspace was cached and add/remove pages as needed, then export to PNGs ad-hoc. As I've gotten used to the site I now have a more refined workflow (spare the occasional ad-hoc meeting where it helps to show something on the fly).

  1. Create a repo to house everything
  2. Add to the repo as needed in singular commits with the diagram(s) name in the commit
    1. I save these as a draw.io XML file to keep everything in order
  3. Load from the repo 1 diagram at a time