09/15/2021 17:44 | Category: javascript

Tags: reactui

react double click functionality

Double click functionality was a necessity in a "desktop" style UI that I decided to emulate. This project needed to highlight a specific React component when it was single clicked or "open" a hidden component on double click.

Source for code inspiration

This Icon component that I was creating would enable the user to click 1 time to highlight the "name" of the icon or twice to remove a hidden modifier class on another component.

This is a single click highlighting in red:

Image of a single click highlighting the icon in red

And the double click would "bring up" this component while removing the red highlight:

The component renders on second click while removing the background color

Some example code for this: Note: I've placed the actual rendering state handler in a parent component "controller".

  // source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/65088045/12387496
  onClickHandler = (event) => {
    if (event.detail === 1) {
      timer = setTimeout(this.onClick(event), 200)
    } else if (event.detail === 2) {

  onClick(event) {
    const currentState = this.state.selected
    if (currentState === event.target.id) {
      this.setState({ selected: ""})
    } else {
      this.setState({ selected: event.target.id})

  onDoubleClick(event) {
    this.setState({ selected: "" })