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osi 7 layer model

Just a few quick notes on the OSI 7 layer model to keep myself from googling it later.


The OSI 7 layer model is a conceptual framework to describe network functions. This is used to model the flow of information in an application.


Each distinct layer has distinct responsibilities as part of the whole.

  1. Layer 7 application - end user side, HTTP and web browsers
  2. Layer 6 presentation - data in a usable format. Handles encryption and SSH
  3. Layer 5 session - maintains connections and sessions
  4. Layer 4 transport - Transmits data using TCP/UDP
  5. Layer 3 network - Logically routes packets based on IP address
  6. Layer 2 data lint - physically transmits data based on MAC addresses
  7. Layer 1 physical - transmits bits and bytes over physical devices