09/06/2021 12:19 | Category: git

Tags: gitworkflow

git clean removes untracked files

Having lots of untracked files when a git pull fails is very annoying to clean up before diagnosing the failure. While working with a few dozen files it can be frustrating to do an rm and string together all of them.

This ended up being a silly solution, when I looked into a faster way to do this it looks like git will handle it for you.

More in-depth information on this is available from this tutorial.

Check what git wants to remove:

git clean -d -n

Remove interactively:

git clean -d -n -i

Remove from directories:

git clean -d -n some-dir/ some-other-dir/

Actually remove them, rather than dry-run:

git clean -d -f <anything else here>

Another option for untracked files:

git add .
git reset --hard HEAD