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git CLI usage with different working directory

12/28/2022 19:19 | Category: git

Tags: gitversion_control

Just learned that you can call Git from the CLI with…

putting local commits from one branch onto another

09/30/2022 15:29 | Category: git

Tags: fixing_git_issues

Sometimes when working locally we run into…

github repo tagging

06/22/2022 15:57 | Category: git

Tags: githubversioningcicd

For personal projects I use a tagging system to trigger CICD pipelines that…

git clean removes untracked files

09/06/2021 12:19 | Category: git

Tags: gitworkflow

Having lots of untracked files when a git pull fails is very…

github actions workflow and scheduling

08/19/2021 17:23 | Category: git

Tags: githubgithub_actionsgit

Working with GitHub actions more seriously recently had lead…

github actions submodule workflow

08/19/2021 17:10 | Category: git

Tags: githubgithub_actionsgit

My personal website utilizes my zets/ repository from GitHub to…

github personal access tokens

08/10/2021 11:42 | Category: git

Tags: 2FAgithub

I was recently working on a project for a client that did not allow me…

git fatal bad object HEAD

07/29/2021 11:02 | Category: git

Tags: corrupt_reporepo

Sometimes when doing a git status I'll run into some fatal object errors…

remove cached gitignore files

07/26/2021 22:08 | Category: git

Tags: gitignoregit

Sometimes I'll add things to my .gitignore after the fact as my needs…

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