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restoring redshift spectrum to hot table storage

Creating Redshift Spectrum tables is a great way to…

redshift COPY commands can have identity columns

06/07/2023 10:40 | Category: databases

Tags: redshiftetldba

Recently I learned that COPY commandsd can have a…

redshift useful query metrics and logging internal tables

06/07/2023 10:02 | Category: databases

Tags: redshifttuningqueriesdba

Redshift has quite a few internal tables…

postgres table constraint definitions from pg_constraint

05/20/2022 12:53 | Category: databases

Tags: postgresdba

The constraints feature of Postgres table…

retrieve table size stats and other info from redshift

04/12/2022 12:35 | Category: redshift

Tags: redshiftawsdbadatabases

Often times when looking at table performance…

inspect users in a user group in redshift or postgres

04/12/2022 12:30 | Category: redshift

Tags: dbadatabasesredshiftawsuserspostgres

To inspect information about our database/the…

listing stored procedures from redshift

04/12/2022 12:27 | Category: redshift

Tags: dbadatabasesredshiftawsstored_procedure

Finding if a stored procedure is in the proper schema is…

adding iam access roles to redshift

03/14/2022 11:56 | Category: redshift

Tags: awsredshiftiamaws_cliterraformdba

RedShift requires IAM roles to be associated with it for…

postgres helpful permissions queries

03/02/2022 10:44 | Category: postgres

Tags: dbapermissionsqueries

When creating new users, schemas, and tables inside a…

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