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Learn Vim the Hard Way

06/09/2021 20:00 | Category: vim

Tags: vimscriptvim

learn vim the hard way When creating my screenshotting utility for Vim I noticed a good resource for…

Vim Filepaths in Register

06/08/2021 23:52 | Category: vim

Tags: scriptsvim

vim filepaths in register We can get the full paths, relative paths, and filenames within Vim. This…

Execute Simple Scripts from Vim

06/08/2021 23:47 | Category: vim

Tags: vimscriptsterminal

execute simple scripts from vim I've been running into a few scenarios where I want to be able to…

Zet Screenshot Utility

06/08/2021 23:17 | Category: utility

Tags: vimbash

zet screenshot utility A big portion of the Zet-CLI that is missing is the ability to quickly create…

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