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finding text with line numbers using recursive grep

01/26/2023 13:19 | Category: linux

Tags: greptext_search

A helpful command that I put together to find…

getting your timezone on ubuntu

11/20/2022 20:17 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntubash

Just a factoid for myself to remember whenever I need a timezone for…

how to remove a raid array in linux

11/13/2022 18:20 | Category: linux

Tags: storageraidnashomelabtruenas

While working on my homelab today I ran into an issue when…

linux net tools for diagnosing errors in port bindings

07/22/2022 14:03 | Category: linux

Tags: networkslocalhostports

When checking for the currently used ports to…

ubuntu sda contains a file system with errors check forced

06/14/2022 10:28 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntudisk_errors

During a normal start up on my Ubuntu…

pulseaudio service dropping in wsl2

05/24/2022 10:54 | Category: linux

Tags: wsl2audio

Occassionally when working in my WSL2 environment I've noticed…

wsl2 getting to a usable desktop environment

02/01/2022 15:27 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntubashwsl

Windows Subsystem for Linux is supposedly a great…

bulk renaming files with the rename utility in linux

01/31/2022 22:16 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntubashhomelab

I've found that working with file renaming…

finding zombie processes

12/17/2021 21:40 | Category: linux

Tags: bashubuntu

Sometimes when Docker containers are stopped and started in quick…

disabling touchpad middle click in ubuntu

12/08/2021 18:22 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntuxinput

My partner had an incredibly frustrating evening battling…

chmod calculator

12/08/2021 18:12 | Category: linux

Tags: shellubuntu

When working on our home server I ran into the need for a chmod conversion to get…

mounting nfs shares in ubuntu server

12/08/2021 17:58 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntu_servernfshomelabnas

During setup of our home NAS my household (mostly me) decided…

cron job website

08/19/2021 17:36 | Category: linux

Tags: cron

I wanted to keep track of this nice Cron scheduling site. I don't like to memorize…

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