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removing pycache folders recursively

02/08/2023 12:47 | Category: python

Tags: linuxbashpythonpycache

It gets annoying sometimes dealing with __pycache__/ and it's…

python dataclass inheritance with default values is wonky

01/24/2023 11:42 | Category: python

Tags: dataclassinheritance

Recently I had an opportunity to utilize…

packaging python into executables across all os platforms

01/06/2023 22:18 | Category: python

Tags: packaginggithub_actions

When working with packaging of Python…

pydoc is great and I shouldve used it sooner

06/08/2022 21:52 | Category: python

Tags: docs

I was recently watching an AnythonyWritesCode video…

AsyncResult returns from celery tasks

07/12/2021 19:33 | Category: python

Tags: celerydjango

When working through a set of asynchronous tasks I have been…

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