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proving correctness of algorithms

07/02/2023 13:20 | Category: algorithms

Tags: mathformal_proofs

Inspection of algorithms that produce the correct behavior over a…

mathematical analysis of algorithms

07/02/2023 13:13 | Category: algorithms

Tags: mathbig-obig-thetabig-omega

Using big-O, theta, and omega notations to analyze time…

asymptotic notation of algorithms

07/02/2023 12:54 | Category: algorithms

Tags: mathbig-obig-thetabig-omega

Asymptotic is the behavior of a line as itt approaches a curve but…

analysis of algorithms

07/02/2023 11:49 | Category: algorithms

Tags: mathbig-o

Analyzing algorithms comes in a set of steps, followed by some mathematical…

strong mathematical induction

04/29/2022 20:29 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathmathematical_induction

The strong form of mathematical induction allows us to assume the…

weak mathematical induction

04/26/2022 20:01 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathmathematical_induction

Weak mathematical induction is a proof technique designed to prove…

direct proof method

04/12/2022 18:21 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathdirect_proof

A straightforward approach to establish theorems that doesn't require knowledge…

closed form formulas for summation of sequences

There are quite a few useful closed form formulas…

summations in discrete math

04/06/2022 20:06 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathsummations

An important operation in numerical sequences is adding terms. This is…

sequences in discrete math

04/06/2022 19:51 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathsequences

Sequences Sequence - A discrete structure used to represent an ordered…

shorthand for domains in math

04/05/2022 21:54 | Category: math

Tags: mathdomain

Domain shorthand can be tricky. This is a quick breakdown: D = Domain…

negations and variants of quantified statements

04/05/2022 20:53 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathquantified_statements

Negation of a universal statement A universal…

logic of quantified statements

04/05/2022 19:38 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathquantified_statements

The idea of a quantifier is that it expresses how many of the values…

necessary and sufficient conditions in logic statements

04/01/2022 18:45 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathlogic_statements

Searching for precise definitions is…

variants of conditional statements

04/01/2022 18:05 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathconditional_statements

Statements can have conditional relationships that are true in…

logic of conditional statements

04/01/2022 17:38 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathconditional_statements

Conditional statements are a foundation of building logic. The "if…

logical equivalence with laws

03/31/2022 20:56 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathlogical_equivalence

We can explain logical equivalence using predetermined known truths…

truth tables for logical equivalence

03/31/2022 20:20 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathtruth_tableslogical_equivalence

Logical equivalence Examples: The grass is green and the sky is…

logic of compound statements

03/31/2022 19:46 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathcompound_statements

Logic is precise rather than ambiguous like natural languages. These…

how many BSTs from n elements

06/20/2021 12:43 | Category: dsa

Tags: binary_search_treetreesmath

When determining the number of BSTs that can be formed from "n…

Recursion Introduction

06/06/2021 15:16 | Category: dsa

Tags: mathrecursion

recursion introduction Recursion is often used in CS to traverse things in data structures…

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