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aws reachability analyzer is worth its weight in gold

06/07/2023 11:09 | Category: aws

Tags: aws_network_managementvpcnetworking

This is a shoutout to the Reachability…

a minimally viable multi az vpc and general network resources

06/07/2023 11:00 | Category: aws

Tags: networkingvpcaws_network_management

Learning about AWS network resources…

finding an object in s3 using boto3 without using a list objects method

01/24/2023 10:14 | Category: aws

Tags: pythonbotos3

I've seen quite a few…

async await inside aws lambdas using python

When working with AWS Lambda and asyncio in a Python…

aws cloudformation in multiple accounts using stacksets

11/23/2022 14:53 | Category: aws

Tags: cloudformationmulti_accountstackset

When working with CloudFormation it can be a…

aws monitoring services

Monitoring in AWS has a few different flavors for various use cases…

aws web identity federation

06/27/2022 13:44 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationiamauthentication

Simplifies authentication and authorization for web applications…

aws cloudformation nested stacks

06/27/2022 13:25 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcloudformationiac

nested stacks allow for re-use of CloudFormation code for common…

aws cloudformation and serverless application model

The Serverless Application Model is an extension…

aws cloudformation intro

06/22/2022 13:06 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationiaccloudformation

Manage, configure, and provision your AWS infrastructure as code. Resources…

aws deploy docker using elastic beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk supports a number of Docker containers…

aws elastic container service intro

06/22/2022 12:28 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcontainersecs

Containers are similar to a virtual machine, more like a virtual…

aws codeartifact intro

06/22/2022 12:03 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcodeartifact

An artifact repository that makes it easy for developers to find the software…

aws codedeploy features

06/22/2022 10:15 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcodedeploycicd

CodeDeploy offers CICD in various ways, these were covered in a previous…

aws codecommit intro

06/21/2022 16:01 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcicdcodecommit

A hosted Git solution similar to GitHub, but on AWS. This enables collaboration…

aws intro to ci cd

06/21/2022 15:44 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcicd

Continuous integration, continuous delivery/deployment for applications enabling…

aws elastic beanstalk migration

06/21/2022 15:38 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationelastic_beanstalk

Migrating existing applications to Elastic Beanstalk environments is…

aws elastic beanstalk with rds

Elastic Beanstalk can integrate with RDS in 2 ways: either inside the…

aws elastic beanstalk customization

06/21/2022 13:27 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationelastic_beanstalk

Customization of the Elastic Beanstalk environment is done in a…

aws elastic beanstalk deployment updates

06/21/2022 12:49 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationelastic_beanstalk

There are several options for deployment updates in elastic…

aws elastic beanstalk

06/21/2022 11:48 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationelastic_beanstalk

Deploys and scales web applications while avoiding creation and scaling of EC…

aws kinesis consumers

06/21/2022 11:42 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationkinesisstreams

Scaling Kinesis streams requires increasing the number of shards utilized in…

aws kinesis intro

06/17/2022 14:18 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationkinesis

Amazon Kinesis is a family of services to collect, process, and analyze streaming…

aws ses vs sns

06/15/2022 11:29 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationsnsses

Simple Email Service (SES) is a scalable and highly available email service. Designed…

aws sns intro

06/15/2022 10:35 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationsnsnotifications

Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a web service that makes it easy to set up…

aws sqs delay queues

06/15/2022 10:21 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationsqsqueues

SQS delay queues postpone the delivery of new messages. Features Postpone…

aws sqs parameters

06/15/2022 10:15 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationsqsqueues

There are a few settings with the SQS system that allow additional configuration…

aws sqs queue types

06/15/2022 09:59 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationsqsqueues

The primary difference between queue types is how they handle the ordering of…

aws sqs intro

06/15/2022 09:46 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationsqsqueues

AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) was the first AWS service that was publicly available…

aws kms envelope encryption

A process of encrypting data for data >4KB in size. Envelope encryption…

aws kms api calls

06/14/2022 18:37 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationkms

API calls are used from within services like EC2 to set up KMS with a running…

aws kms customer master keys

The customer master key is a managed key in the KMS service that the…

aws key management service

06/14/2022 18:15 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationkms

A managed service that makes it easy to create and control encryption…

aws dynamodb throughput exceeded

06/14/2022 17:59 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbmetering

The DynamoDB service will meter request throughput if the DynamoDB…

aws dynamodb streams

06/14/2022 17:53 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbstreams

A time ordered sequence of item level modifications (insert, update, delete…

aws dynamodb time to live TTL

DynamoDB TTL (time-to-live) is a set expiry time for your data…

aws dynamodb accelerator DAX

06/14/2022 13:16 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodb

DAX - the DynamoDB Accelerator is a fully managed, clustered in-memory…

aws dynamodb on-demand capacity

06/14/2022 13:12 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbon-demand

Charges apply for reading, writing, and storing data in DynamoDB…

aws dynamodb provisioned throughput

06/14/2022 13:05 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbmetering

DynamoDB provisioned throughput is measured in "capacity units…

aws dynamodb usage

06/14/2022 12:57 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodb

DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service in AWS. Example (common) API calls and CLI…

aws dynamodb api calls

05/31/2022 13:55 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbapi_calls

aws dynamodb api calls

aws scan vs query api calls

05/31/2022 13:38 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbapi_calls

DynamoDB offers 2 ways to get data out of the database: scan and API…

aws dynamodb indexes

05/31/2022 13:31 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodbindexing

DynamoDB indexes exist to allow querying on non-primary key attributes stored…

aws intro to dynamodb

05/27/2022 17:06 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationdynamodb

DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that stores and retrieves data without having to…

aws api gateway caching and throttling

API Gateway supports caching endpoint responses for requests…

aws advanced api gateway

05/27/2022 16:49 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationapi_gateway

API Gateway has many advanced usage patterns. Importing APIs into API…

aws x-ray configuration

05/27/2022 16:43 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationx-ray

The AWS X-Ray SDK sends data to the X-Ray daemon which buffers segments in a…

aws x-ray analysis and debugging

05/24/2022 11:42 | Category: aws

Tags: x-rayanalysisdeveloper_associatecertification

X-Ray is a tool which helps developers analyze and debug…

aws step functions comparisons

Step functions provide various types of state machines that have…

aws step functions

Step functions provide a visual interface for serverless applications, enabling…

aws lambda vpc access

05/24/2022 11:01 | Category: aws

Tags: lambdavpcdeveloper_associatecertification

Enabling AWS Lambda functions to access resources inside private AWS VPCs has…

aws lambda concurrent executions limitations

05/24/2022 10:56 | Category: aws

Tags: lambdadeveloper_associatecertification

The AWS Lambda service has concurrency limitations to…

aws lambda versions

05/09/2022 15:36 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationlambda

Lambda versioning allows us to control what lambdas are run, to allow backward…

aws api gateway

APIs are used to interact with web applications and apps use them to communicate…

aws lambda intro

05/06/2022 10:51 | Category: aws

Tags: lambdaserverlessdeveloper_associatecertification

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs application code without…

aws serverless intro

05/06/2022 10:31 | Category: aws

Tags: serverlessdeveloper_associatecertification

Serverless allows developers to run application code in the cloud without…

aws cloudfront allowedmethods

05/06/2022 09:47 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcloudfront

Allowed HTTP methods in AWS CloudFront distributions are defined at…

find all lambdas of a specific code version

04/15/2022 09:34 | Category: aws

Tags: lambdapythonbash

When deprecating Lambda runtimes it is important to have…

aws cloudfront for content delivery

04/12/2022 14:28 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationcloudfrontCDN

Distributed servers to deliver webpages and other web content…

cross origin resource sharing CORS configuration

04/12/2022 14:13 | Category: aws

Tags: CORSawss3developer_associatecertification

Cross origin resource sharing allows things like S…

aws s3 encryption

04/12/2022 13:42 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3

Data can be encrypted in several ways using S3. Encryption types: Encryption in…

securing s3 buckets

04/12/2022 12:53 | Category: aws

Tags: s3certificationdeveloper_associate

By default S3 buckets are relatively quite secure. Default settings Private…

aws s3 storage classes

03/29/2022 13:25 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3storage

AWS S3 offers a number of different storage classes for various use cases…

aws s3 general info

03/29/2022 13:14 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3storage

AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) is scalable object storage, durable, and highly…

aws systems manager parameter store

This is a key value store that AWS offers to avoid hardcoding…

aws elasticache in memory storage for rds

Memory is faster than disk. Elasticache is a way to speed…

aws rds snapshots and backups

03/28/2022 14:34 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationrdsdatabases

There are two ways to back up an AWS RDS instance: database snapshots…

aws rds multi az read replicas

03/28/2022 14:17 | Category: aws

Tags: rdsdatabasesdeveloper_associatecertification

RDS instances in AWS have a multitude of options for resiliancy and…

aws relational database service

03/28/2022 13:34 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationrdsdatabases

The AWS RDS service is a core concept in nearly all applications…

aws ec2 instance with s3 role

03/28/2022 13:25 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3ec2iam

Certain services within AWS can be assigned IAM roles that allow them…

aws route 53 domain name service

The AWS Route 53 service allows users to create a domain name…

aws elastic load balancers

03/23/2022 15:27 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationelbawsnetworks

Load balancers distribute network traffic across a group of servers. This…

aws elastic block store

03/18/2022 15:49 | Category: aws

Tags: aws_certificationebs

EBS volumes are storage volumes that can be attached to EC2 instances. These…

lambda access to s3 inside a vpc

03/01/2022 16:36 | Category: aws

Tags: lambdavpcs3

While working on a lambda deployment I ran into a use case where I…

launching an ec2 instance

02/22/2022 17:15 | Category: aws

Tags: aws_developer_associatecertificationec2

These are some general notes from launching an EC2 instance. This demo…

EC2 instance types

02/22/2022 16:30 | Category: aws

Tags: aws_developer_associateec2certificate

Instance types dictate several key characteristics of the underlying EC…

aws ec2 pricing options

02/03/2022 15:55 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationec2

There are several EC2 instance pricing options that vary depending on the…

aws intro to elastic compute cloud ec2

02/03/2022 15:46 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationec2

EC2 is a secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. The…

aws iam summary

02/03/2022 15:16 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationiamaws

A chunk of summary information related to Identity and Access Management modules in…

aws testing iam permissions

02/03/2022 14:52 | Category: aws

Tags: iamdeveloper_associatecertificationtesting

Testing AWS IAM permissions should be done before committing them to…

aws intro to iam lab

02/03/2022 12:32 | Category: aws

Tags: iamdeveloper_associatecertificationaws

The introductory lab focuses on users and groups, logging in as different users…

aws iam introduction

02/02/2022 14:15 | Category: aws

Tags: iamdeveloper_associateexamcertification

IAM is entirely related to setting up users and granting those users access to…

aws developer associate intro

02/02/2022 13:49 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associateexamcertification

I'm using acloudguru.com as my study site for the AWS Certified…

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