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fixes required for gitlab golang host url changes and nested subgroups

02/15/2023 11:51 | Category: golang

Tags: gitlabgolangvcs

Working with GitLab subgroups…

terraform pattern for service based resource grouping

02/10/2023 20:54 | Category: terraform

Tags: iacservices

When working on large projects it gets a…

removing pycache folders recursively

02/08/2023 12:47 | Category: python

Tags: linuxbashpythonpycache

It gets annoying sometimes dealing with __pycache__/ and it's…

running sed with multiple file names or types

02/01/2023 12:15 | Category: bash

Tags: linuxtipsedbash

When running sed if we have a replacement that is…

testing pattern to follow inside unit tests

01/28/2023 22:19 | Category: testing

Tags: mockspattern

This is a pattern that I use quite heavily when writing…

github reusable workflows and actions are great

01/26/2023 18:20 | Category: cicd

Tags: githubgitcicd

Lately I've been working on creating as close to a…

finding text with line numbers using recursive grep

01/26/2023 13:19 | Category: linux

Tags: greptext_search

A helpful command that I put together to find…

python dataclass inheritance with default values is wonky

01/24/2023 11:42 | Category: python

Tags: dataclassinheritance

Recently I had an opportunity to utilize…

finding an object in s3 using boto3 without using a list objects method

01/24/2023 10:14 | Category: aws

Tags: pythonbotos3

I've seen quite a few…

cool blog to remember

01/24/2023 10:08 | Category: bookmark

Tags: blogtech

Just wanted to write this blog down as something that I enjoyed reading. There…

async await inside aws lambdas using python

When working with AWS Lambda and asyncio in a Python…

auto committing to git repos and the things we do for love

01/15/2023 23:10 | Category: golang

Tags: linuxgitautomation

Recently my partner lost some files, to…

packaging python into executables across all os platforms

01/06/2023 22:18 | Category: python

Tags: packaginggithub_actions

When working with packaging of Python…

having others reading what you write

01/04/2023 16:35 | Category: thoughts

Tags: writing

Unlike my technical posts/notes this document is more to…

git CLI usage with different working directory

12/28/2022 19:19 | Category: git

Tags: gitversion_control

Just learned that you can call Git from the CLI with…

aws redshift conditionally pausing clusters using Terraform with redshift one time scheduled actions

12/27/2022 14:20 | Category: databases

Tags: terraformiacawsredshift

aws redshift conditionally pausing clusters using Terraform with redshift one time scheduled actions…

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