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Learn Vim the Hard Way

06/09/2021 20:00 | Category: vim

Tags: vimscriptvim

learn vim the hard way When creating my screenshotting utility for Vim I noticed a good resource for…

Vim Filepaths in Register

06/08/2021 23:52 | Category: vim

Tags: scriptsvim

vim filepaths in register We can get the full paths, relative paths, and filenames within Vim. This…

Execute Simple Scripts from Vim

06/08/2021 23:47 | Category: vim

Tags: vimscriptsterminal

execute simple scripts from vim I've been running into a few scenarios where I want to be able to…

Zet Screenshot Utility

06/08/2021 23:17 | Category: utility

Tags: vimbash

zet screenshot utility A big portion of the Zet-CLI that is missing is the ability to quickly create…

SinglyLinked Lists

06/08/2021 11:23 | Category: dsa

Tags: linkedlistsingly_linked

singly linked lists Singly-linked lists (SLL) are the basic building blocks of the LinkedList…

LinkedList Intro

06/08/2021 11:18 | Category: dsa

Tags: linkedlist

linkedlist intro Arrays in general are versatile structural tools (uses the List ADT). Linked data…

List ArrayList ADT

06/08/2021 11:03 | Category: dsa

Tags: arraylistlistbig-o

list arraylist adt Module review for the different portions covered in the GT module related to…

Recursion Introduction

06/06/2021 15:16 | Category: dsa

Tags: mathrecursion

recursion introduction Recursion is often used in CS to traverse things in data structures…

Amortized Operation Analysis

06/06/2021 13:10 | Category: dsa

Tags: big-obig-o_analysis

amortized operation analysis "spreading cost over time" is the key takeaway for amortized operations…

ArrayLists Introduction

06/06/2021 12:41 | Category: dsa

Tags: arraylistsabstract_data_types

arraylists introduction ArrayList is a dynamic, ADT data structure. Abstract data types (ADT) This…

Arrays Introduction

06/04/2021 14:35 | Category: dsa

Tags: arraylistsarrays

arrays introduction Arrays are statically allocated, contiguous blocks of memory that provide O(…

ArrayLists and Recursion Intro

06/04/2021 14:32 | Category: dsa

Tags: arraylistsrecursion

arraylists and recursion intro Module 1 of the course. Overview Data structres are low-level…

Big-O Notation

06/04/2021 12:20 | Category: dsa

Tags: big-o

big o notation Purpose analyzing efficiency in both time and space efficiency measurement that is…

Java Review

06/02/2021 16:57 | Category: java

Tags: javaoop

This is a general set of notes for Java review during a DS&A course. Visibility…


06/02/2021 16:47 | Category: blog

Tags: descriptionblog

Zets This is a notes repository that acts as a general collection. The subjects of each note are…

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