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django shell plus saves so much time

02/01/2022 20:35 | Category: django

Tags: pythondjangobash

When working with the shell inside Docker containers during…

wsl2 getting to a usable desktop environment

02/01/2022 15:27 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntubashwsl

Windows Subsystem for Linux is supposedly a great…

bulk renaming files with the rename utility in linux

01/31/2022 22:16 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntubashhomelab

I've found that working with file renaming…

finding zombie processes

12/17/2021 21:40 | Category: linux

Tags: bashubuntu

Sometimes when Docker containers are stopped and started in quick…

disabling touchpad middle click in ubuntu

12/08/2021 18:22 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntuxinput

My partner had an incredibly frustrating evening battling…

chmod calculator

12/08/2021 18:12 | Category: linux

Tags: shellubuntu

When working on our home server I ran into the need for a chmod conversion to get…

mounting nfs shares in ubuntu server

12/08/2021 17:58 | Category: linux

Tags: ubuntu_servernfshomelabnas

During setup of our home NAS my household (mostly me) decided…

working on dockerized celery queues

11/30/2021 21:45 | Category: celery

Tags: celeryredisdocker

We had an interesting production issue that we had crop up where…

django rest framework custom APIClient headers in testing

11/14/2021 22:00 | Category: django

Tags: django_rest_frameworkTDDpython

Working in DRF has quite a few advantages…

django rest framework api key rocks

11/14/2021 21:58 | Category: django

Tags: django_rest_frameworkpython

Recently I started working on an application that requires a…

django create secondary model on create

11/14/2021 21:50 | Category: django

Tags: python

When working in Django if you have related models that…

drawio for diagram documentation

10/28/2021 22:42 | Category: docs

Tags: documentationsoftwarediagrams

Using as visual aide in project planning, execution, and…

canceling react draggable component movement during resize events

09/15/2021 18:30 | Category: javascript

Tags: reactui

cancelling react draggable component movement during resize events While making a UI I utilized both…

react passing state between parent-child components

09/15/2021 18:22 | Category: javascript

Tags: reactstate_managementui

State utilization within components is an…

creating a controller structure in react

09/15/2021 18:13 | Category: javascript

Tags: react

State management within components is relatively easy to…

react double click functionality

09/15/2021 17:44 | Category: javascript

Tags: reactui

Double click functionality was a necessity in a "desktop" style UI…

css for making a screen stay the size of the view

09/08/2021 12:54 | Category: css

Tags: htmlcss

Making a screen avoid overflow when creating a…

vim and nvim indenting by filetype

09/07/2021 14:52 | Category: vim

Tags: vimrcinit.vim

One of the issues I had recently when working in a full stack…

css partial underline

09/06/2021 15:17 | Category: css

Tags: css

CSS and HTML do not inherently have the ability to do partial underlines. In…

git clean removes untracked files

09/06/2021 12:19 | Category: git

Tags: gitworkflow

Having lots of untracked files when a git pull fails is very…

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