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logic of conditional statements

04/01/2022 17:38 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathconditional_statements

Conditional statements are a foundation of building logic. The "if…

pandoc markdown to pdf using html5 engine

03/31/2022 23:56 | Category: markdown

Tags: pandocmarkdownlatex

Converting markdown to a PDF is a nightmare, espeically…

logical equivalence with laws

03/31/2022 20:56 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathlogical_equivalence

We can explain logical equivalence using predetermined known truths…

truth tables for logical equivalence

03/31/2022 20:20 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathtruth_tableslogical_equivalence

Logical equivalence Examples: The grass is green and the sky is…

logic of compound statements

03/31/2022 19:46 | Category: discrete math

Tags: mathcompound_statements

Logic is precise rather than ambiguous like natural languages. These…

aws s3 storage classes

03/29/2022 13:25 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3storage

AWS S3 offers a number of different storage classes for various use cases…

aws s3 general info

03/29/2022 13:14 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3storage

AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) is scalable object storage, durable, and highly…

aws systems manager parameter store

This is a key value store that AWS offers to avoid hardcoding…

aws elasticache in memory storage for rds

Memory is faster than disk. Elasticache is a way to speed…

aws rds snapshots and backups

03/28/2022 14:34 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationrdsdatabases

There are two ways to back up an AWS RDS instance: database snapshots…

aws rds multi az read replicas

03/28/2022 14:17 | Category: aws

Tags: rdsdatabasesdeveloper_associatecertification

RDS instances in AWS have a multitude of options for resiliancy and…

aws relational database service

03/28/2022 13:34 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationrdsdatabases

The AWS RDS service is a core concept in nearly all applications…

aws ec2 instance with s3 role

03/28/2022 13:25 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertifications3ec2iam

Certain services within AWS can be assigned IAM roles that allow them…

github actions conditional environment variables

03/25/2022 01:28 | Category: cicd

Tags: githubbash

Update 1/4/2023: The original psot contained an…

aws route 53 domain name service

The AWS Route 53 service allows users to create a domain name…

osi 7 layer model

03/23/2022 15:31 | Category: applications

Tags: osi7_layer_model

Just a few quick notes on the OSI 7 layer model to keep myself from googling it…

aws elastic load balancers

03/23/2022 15:27 | Category: aws

Tags: developer_associatecertificationelbawsnetworks

Load balancers distribute network traffic across a group of servers. This…

aws elastic block store

03/18/2022 15:49 | Category: aws

Tags: aws_certificationebs

EBS volumes are storage volumes that can be attached to EC2 instances. These…

adding iam access roles to redshift

03/14/2022 11:56 | Category: redshift

Tags: awsredshiftiamaws_cliterraformdba

RedShift requires IAM roles to be associated with it for…

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